We are the voice of the student body of the University of Redlands. Through music and spoken word broadcast we provide a place for open forum discussion, and a place to share in the enjoyment of music of all kinds.


β€œTo deliver new music and inform the University of Redlands community on news, events, and fundraising while inspiring the student body to get involved in the different social engagements that the university provides. KDAWG will keep the campus up to date on current events, social affairs, and sporting events by broadcasting directly from the station to listeners on and off-campus. At KDAWG team members research and develop a wide array of skill-sets including writing, public speaking, and marketing.”

60 Years Ago...

A group of determined students began to fulfill their dream of giving University of Redlands students a voice over the airwaves. Back then they went by the name of KUOR, but times have changed. Today they're still fulfilling that dream, but under a new name and management.

After surviving two shut downs, KDAWG has rebuilt and rebranded itself under the leadership of its former station manager, Evan Sanford. In the true tradition of underdogs, this radio station is coming back stronger than ever. As Sanford says, "It's come from one computer with three microphones to two full, state-of-the-art studios."

Although the station has been shut down various times and gone through changes over the years, the dream has lived on through generations.

Having a radio station is important because not only does it help keep students, alumni and the greater community involved and unified, it is also an outlet for music, news, and a way for students to express themselves through the airwaves.
— Gina Vo, Former KDAWG Music Director