Surviving an FCC Inspection: Tips and Tricks - This panel will include information about things a station can do to keep from being fined and it will review the Public Inspection File and Ownership Report rules.

Women in Industry: Q & A Session - Women have risen to prominence in the media in recent years. This panel discusses why it is such a challenge to manage a career in media for women in the world today.

Podcasting: A Whole New World - Accessible electronic conversation platforms have reached worldwide within NPR and college radio audiences. Understand how professionals and amateurs alike will shape conversations while enjoy doing it.

Keeping the Lights On: The Importance of Underwriting - Even if your annual budget changes, you can always offset it by underwriting as well as fundraising. Find out from experts how to make your dollar go farther and continue to uphold the mission of the station.

Campus Collaboration: Working with Administration - Find out how to pitch a proposal for a budget increase, how to work with other departments, and maximize a limited amount of resources for station exposure.

Adding Dimension: Using Video at Your Station - In this panel, learn how to create videos that are complementary to the content you are putting on the air.

LIVE on the Field: Covering Sports “On Air” - When covering sports news, these reporters will break down how to cover a story and deliver the content to your audience in the appropriate manner.

Manager Roundtable: Share Ideas, Problems and Solutions - Topics will include setting and achieving goals, knowing roles, team bonding, camaraderie, and figuring out how to pass along the torch.

Breaking News: Covering Major Events
Talk with professionals from television and radio about how to pitch as well as cover a story when something major happens.

Monetizing Your Talent: Your Talent & Your Career
Talk with current and graduate college students along with industry professionals on the important first steps to take when pursuing your broadcasting career.

Programming For Success: More Than 'Just' Music
Find out what people find interesting in podcasts and how to create a lasting podcast series with a dedicated audience of listeners.

Notable past panels have included:

Making the Call: Music Placement in TV, Film, and Ads
This panel will discuss how to get your music heard and seen on television, in film, and how to make lasting corporate partnerships. This panel also looks at the role of major labels in the music industry today.