Sid's Technology Review: Word vs. Docs


When writing, there is a significant reason as to why you should use Word Docs instead of Google Docs. In word, you can press CTRL and S together to save your document. In google docs, it autosaves everything you write. Google Docs uses Wi-Fi so you can access your document in any place that has Wi-Fi, and on any computer. Word Docs pertain only to the computer it is being accessed in, but you don’t need internet to access to work on it. They both have their pros and cons, but there is one significant difference Word has that sets it apart from Google.

When writing in word, you can save your papers and it gives you a feeling of copyright which makes you more attached to it. By consistently saving your papers, it makes you feel adoration towards what you write. It makes you feel like you are writing a masterpiece. Have you ever pressed CTRL and S five times in a row? Just to make sure your paper is saved, and just to make sure the writing you have written is beautifully preserved? The more you save it, the more you love what you’ve written.

The ironic thing is that I’m writing this on Google Docs. I guess that says a thing or two about how I feel about this post. They both have their pros and cons. Word Docs and Google Docs are for two different kinds of people. If you are an aspiring writer, then you should use Word Docs. Consistently saving your writing makes you write beautiful and precious things. They are precious because you feel the need to save everything you write in order to make sure it stays preserved. It’s one of life’s secrets. The only thing better than typing papers on Word Docs is writing on regular paper. There is only one, hard copy in writing so you have to be even more careful to preserve it.

If we write more beautifully when there is more of a risk to preserving it, then one can only imagine how beautiful thoughts are. You can’t capture your own thoughts, so your mind thinks of amazing and wonderful things. Sometimes you try to write down what your thoughts are, but it doesn’t seem amazing once it’s on paper. It seems even less amazing on a Word Doc, and even less amazing on Google Docs. That is why we have created our own docs. Thought Docs. The user-friendly platform helps you turn your thoughts into a reality. It makes your thoughts just as beautiful as they seemed in your head. Thought Docs.

Thought Docs, also known as TD. The Thought Docs provides a dynamic design space to create your own impression of your thoughts. Thought Docs is coming soon to DVD. This Summer.