Memories Through Music: Megan's Ultimate Album

Now I don’t know about you, but I tend to associate different songs with different memories. So, when I was challenged to create an album full of my favorite songs, I chose many that have a deep personal meaning and connection to me. The songs on my list elicit many different feelings and I listen to them all at different times. Some make me happy when I am sad, others just remind me of a happy time, and many are just fun songs that enjoy listening to. This list is in no specific order, just in a random order of random songs that I find to be some of my favorites.

100 Years - Five For Fighting, The Battle for Everything, 2003


My aunt and uncle gave me their old desktop computer when I was 9 or so and with it came their iTunes library, over 2000 songs. This was one of the songs in their library that stuck with me, including songs like Ain’t No Sunshine by Bill Withers and Soak Up The Sun by Sheryl Crow. This song just has such a reminiscent feeling about it to me.



I Miss You - blink-182, blink-182, 2003


This is the song that first introduced me to the pop punk kind of music. I discovered a cover of it by Five Seconds of Summer on YouTube that was recorded in BBC One’s Live Lounge. I was so enthralled by the oddity of the lyrics of the song that I found the original and instantly fell in love with the original and blink-182. I love the weird lyrics and all of the metaphors contained in them as well as the complexity wrapped up in the simplicity of the chorus as well as the completely acoustic and authentic sound. Blink-182 are master songwriters and the geniosity of the song is just… beautiful. This is one of my all time favorite songs. Definitely in my top five.

Good Directions - Billy Currington, Doin’ Something Right, 2005


I grew up listening country in the car, in the house, and just about everywhere else - and to this day it is still one of the genres I listen to the most. Good Directions is one my dad’s all time favorite country songs and every time I hear it, the song reminds me of him. Whenever I am home and the song comes on, my dad and I will drop everything and sing along for the whole duration of the song. For me, Good Directions just elicits happy feelings and memories of home.


Don’t Know Why - Norah Jones, Come Away with Me, 2002


I first found this song when I was about eight. One of the few CDs my grandma owned back in 2007 was Come Away With Me, released by Norah Jones in 2002. Don’t Know Why is the first track on the album, so it would always come on first and it was the song I listened to the most at my grandma’s house. Today, it reminds me of my mom and it is my go-to song when I am feeling down because it is comforting and calming.



Dog Days Are Over - Florence + the Machine, Lungs, 2009


Despite the fact that this song was released in 2009, I only just recently discovered it about eight months ago. Every single time I hear this song, something takes over me and just fills my soul with joyousness. I also personally hate summer and hot, sultry days, so I’m always glad when fall comes and I can leave the dog days in the past.



Hungry Like the Wolf - Duran Duran, Rio, 1982


Both of my parents were in high school in the mid-to-late 80s, so I have grown up on 80s music. Duran Duran was one of my mom’s favorite bands in high school and this is one of the most iconic songs recorded by Duran Duran. I just like this song and have included it on this ultimate list of songs because I can.




Big Yellow Taxi - Counting Crows, Hard Candy, 2002


For some reason, I have a memory about this song, but cannot figure out what memory it was. You know the feeling? It is something vague that I can feel in my gut but just can’t quite determine where it was that I first heard this. I stumbled upon this song my freshman year of high school, and I just felt like I knew this song before… It may be that my mom played it around me or it came on in the car on the radio when I was little and I just have a vague memory about it playing. It doesn’t matter why I like it, I just do and it is a song I absolutely love.


Wish I Knew You - The Revivalists, Men Amongst Mountains, 2015


I love this song for many reasons - the way the lyrics are sung, the beat of the music, the chorus, the ambiguity of the song... everything. In fact, the singer frontman of The Revivalists stated that he would rather keep the meaning of the song open to every interpretation and not limit listeners’ understanding of the song with his meaning.



Counting Stars - OneRepublic, Native, 2013


While it’s not one of my favorite songs, I enjoy listening to Counting Stars. This song became popular just about a month after I graduated 8th grade and its popularity carried it through over a year on Billboard’s Hot 100. I remember every time it came on in the car, no matter who I was with, we would sing to it at the top of our lungs. Yes, it became very boring after a while, but now whenever I listen to it, I remember my freshman year of high school and the glory that came with being a high schooler. Ah, those days when I thought I was so mature.

Move Along - The All-American Rejects, Move Along, 2005

I just had to satisfy the punk pop side of my music taste with something other than blink-182. Don’t get me wrong, blink is great, but I needed something else. This song reminds me of when I went through a stage in high school of listening to every punk pop song I could find. This is a classic song and is one of my absolute favorite punk pop songs ever!




New Man - Ed Sheeran, Divide, 2017

Ed Sheeran is one artist that just cannot be missing from my list. He is one of my favorite singers and he has so many great songs, but I think one of his underrated ones is New Man. The saltiness of the lyrics combined with the upbeat poppiness of it makes it a hilarious song to listen to. Of course, I also love Happier and Galway Girl and Lego House as you cannot just choose one good Ed Sheeran song!



Way Down We Go - Kaleo, A/B, 2016


This is another song that I don’t really have a great reason for liking, I just enjoy listening to it. I found it near the end of my senior year of high school, which was not too long ago, and I just fell in love with every part of the song. The lyrics, musical composition, and the overall sound just makes for a great song.



The House That Built Me - Miranda Lambert, Revolution, 2009


This was one of the first CD’s I ever had and I remember listening to it everyday I could on my giant CD player. You know, those things that you probably have not use for anymore? I honestly miss getting a new CD, unwrapping the notoriously difficult-to-remove plastic and then taking the barcode sticker off the top of the case. I played this disc over and over again and to this day it is in my… the thing in my crappy old car…. oh, the stereo. I would listen to this CD day and night, alongside The Incredible Machine by Sugarland. This song just reminds me of home. It is one of my favorite Miranda Lambert songs, with Mama’s Broken Heart coming in at a close second.

Extra songs that I love but have no explanation for:

Cough Syrup - Young the Giant, Young the Giant, 2010

Mamma Mia! - Meryl Streep (Originally made famous by ABBA), Mamma Mia!, 2005

Eye of the Tiger - Survivor, Eye of the Tiger, 1982

Of course, this song list is not exhaustive of all of my favorite songs -- I have so many that I just love, so here is a link to a Spotify playlist of my top 100 songs.

-Megan, Host of Rock 'n' Talk