Sleepytime Playlist

You know those nights where you just can’t seem to fall asleep? You have your pajamas on, you’ve brushed your teeth, you just took off a face mask you accidentally left on for an hour instead of ten minutes, you’ve texted your significant other a goodnight meme, and yet, you’re not tired. And you have to be up in the morning for your 9:30 class! (Or even 8 am for some of you poor souls. If you are one of those, I am so very sorry. My deepest condolences.) No matter the scenario, it sucks when you can’t sleep, but there’s one thing that always helps me: music. It helps me so much that I came up with a playlist for y’all to listen to when you can’t sleep. From lofi to super slow beats, these songs will put you out like a light before you know it. Below I’ve included a link to the playlist that has all these songs on it. You can even follow me on spotify if you want! I listen to virtually every type of music and I have playlists for every situation/mood/vibe. Enjoy!   


Here are some of my faves and why they’re my faves:  

  1.      Down the Line ~ Beach Fossils ~ I could listen to this song on repeat. Dustin Payseur’s voice is angelic and the soft guitar makes for a perfect song to fall asleep to.        

  1.     Going to California Led Zeppelin ~  What a great song. It will make you have dreams of traveling the world.                                                                           

  1.     Don’t Panic ~ Coldplay ~  This song reminds me of my childhood and falling asleep on long car rides, which is probably why I can so easily fall asleep to it now after a stressful day.                                                        

  1.      So in Luv ~ Tomppabeats ~ This is a good start to the lofi world. Lofi is music that has lower sound quality but is highly pleasing to the ear. It is perfect for studying or relaxing before bed.                                                             

  1.      Champagne Supernova ~ Oasis ~  At almost eight minutes long, this song does have some louder sounds, but it always puts me to sleep for some reason. The magic of oasis I guess!