Party Playlist

Alright fellow bulldogs, who doesn’t like to party? (in a safe and responsible manner of course ;) I have a firm belief that one thing determines the funness* of a party: the music. There’s going to be all types of people at functions, and it’s important that your music is enjoyable for everyone. That means your playlist has to have variety. Yes, everyone wants to hear music they dance and jump around to. But dance music is so broad! You’ve got your rap, your EDM, your throwback jams, your trap music... so a party playlist… wait for it… should have all of these on it! That’s why I’ve made you guys the ultimate party playlist. Use it at your next party, kickback, or even adventurous car ride and I guarantee people will compliment your great music taste. Then you should give them my spotify and venmo! Kidding!! Enjoy!

Here are some of my faves and why they’re my faves:

1. Mo Bamba ~ Sheck Wes ~ How could I not include this song? No further comment needed.

2. PICK IT UP ~ Famous Dex ft. Asap Rocky ~ This song has a sick beat and can get anyone dancing. I often play it in the car when I need a pick me up!

3. SICKO MODE ~ Travis Scott ~ I think this is Travis’s best album! Sicko Mode is sure to stay a party classic for awhile.

4. Caroline ~ Aminé ~ I love this song because everyone knows all the lyrics and screams them at the top of their lungs.

5. BOOGIE ~ Brockhampton ~ My favorite band! Brockhampton is the biggest boyband right now and they have some dope songs to make you get up and dance.

*yikes not a word. really should be though.