Taiga Talk!


I perceive the world as a big bowl of ramen, a mix of luscious flavors from miso and vegetables, to the creamy broth of juicy fat and hours of excruciatingly succulent passion to perfect the taste. This analogy is what my life is, from my luscious mix of skills I have acquired through the years, such as taekwondo, bikram hot yoga, water skiing, international experience, and playing the saxophone all the way to a mix of negotiating, teaching, and marketing skills. I am an Environmental Business major with a minor in Spatial studies and want to change the world to make it more sustainable.

KDAWG is an outlet for me to talk about issues and topics that I believe are important in the kind world we live in today. I co-host a show called Seriously Satirical and discuss these issues and topics in a fun yet powerful way. Within Seriously Satirical I have my own segment called Taiga talk where I talk about topics that can blow the audiences mind.