DJ Mad Dog Matt from Rockin' the Dog House!


Hello everybody! My name is Matthew Bynum, otherwise known as DJ Mad Dog Matt, here at KDAWG. I’m a senior here at the good old University of Redlands, majoring in Business Administration and have been part of the station since my freshman year. My favorite genre of music is classic rock, which probably explains why I host my very own rock and roll power hour here at KDAWG: Rockin’ the Dog House! Some of my favorite bands that I’ve put in show are Journey, Guns and Roses, Queen, The Eagles, Led Zeppelin, and my most favorite of all The Beatles.

When I’m not in the booth recording my show, I’m usually volunteering to play music for KDAWG at events around campus such as the involvement fair, believe walk, relay for life, and most recently the 2017 homecoming picnic.

I’m eternally grateful that KDAWG has given me such exciting and unique experiences as well as the opportunity to work with such an amazing group of people here at the University of Redlands