Host of The Z-Zone: Zachary Chodos!


Hey everybody! My name is Zachary Chodos, the host of the sports talk show, The Z-ZONE, here on KDAWG Radio! I am a freshman at the University of Redlands, planning on studying sports business and broadcasting.

My entire life has revolved around sports, constantly playing and watching them. I believe that sports bring people together. They allow us to take our minds off our problems and allow us to be passionate about something we all love. That’s where I come in. I might be one of the most passionate sports fans you’ll ever meet, and I hope to share my passion for sports with you.

Going from high school to college I have learned that I need to pursue what I am passionate about, and I am passionate about sports. This is why I decided to create The Z-ZONE, a show where I discuss all the hot button topics in sports, along with diving into the statistical aspect of teams, all while having a great time.

So tune into The Z-ZONE on Fridays at 7pm! I guarantee you will enjoy the show and will fall in love with sports, if you’re not in love with them already!