Jacob Timony: the Other 1/2 of KJ SportsMix


When I came into the first KDAWG radio meeting, I would have never thought that I would enjoy my involvement nearly as much as I do. Being a Business major and huge sports advocate, I found a niche broadcasting with Kenyon on KJ SportsMix. As a talkative and friendly individual I find it nothing short of natural, to sit and debate sports topics with one of my great friends here at the University of Redlands. 

Seemingly a massive Boston sports advocate, I feel as if I supply a small bias, and a crisp take on sports news around the bend. If you want to hear whats new in the sports world, or even some great tunes, KJ SportsMix has it all. 

As a standing senior, I will be out of here by April 2018, obtaining a bachelors of science and a degree in Business Administration. I currently work for the Ontario Reign Hockey Team, as well as the Los Angeles Kings, as an in-game salesmen. Post graduation is a world in which I look forward too, and frankly, one that can't come fast enough.  

Come tune in to the best show on KDAWG radio, KJ SportsMix, on Thursdays at 8pm and I promise you will not be disappointed.