A Word from Zack Werb!


Hi everybody, my name is Zack Werb, I am a senior here at the University of Redlands. I major in Media and Visual Culture studies and I minor in History. I joined KDAWG radio in hopes to gain experience in broadcast media. As a student of film, I have had numerous experience with photography and film production. In addition to that, I love music and joining KDAWG radio is a great way for me to learn how to create and produce my own show, as well as learn about many different types of music.

For the past three years, I have been working as a staff photographer for the school newspaper, The Independent Bulldog, attending and documenting cultural and sporting events on or around campus. In my free time I love watching Netflix, especially The Office and Arrested Development.

As a senior I wanted to be more active around campus and joining KDAWG is a great way for me to work with the Bulldog community and to get involved with events around campus. I think we have a good group of people this year and I am excited to see what I can accomplish at KDAWG.