Gilbert: the Man Behind the Music


Hi everybody, Gilberto here -  most of my friends know me by Gibby, though. I am a Creative Writing major and an English minor, and I am also working on getting my Single Subject teaching credentials (and I hope to work my way up to being a professor someday).

I am a sophomore and this is my second year with KDAWG, and I am very excited for this year because I just landed the role of Music Director! I first joined KDAWG just to give it a try, but it ended up being my favorite club, so it’s good to be back and working my way up here.

Aside from being the new music director, I am also an Overnight Admissions Host. I get to give tours and host  prospective students - double the fun! When I’m not giving tours or responding to music submissions, you can probably catch me working on my writing in the library. I write a lot - I’m working on my second novel, and I have twenty-four more planned. I hope to be a published author someday, and hopefully I’ll even get a movie deal. I’d like to teach creative writing too, because I think it’s really cool to provide outlets for creativity. Other than that, I like to draw, paint, remix music and make mashups, watch Netflix, check out thrift shops, listen to new music, go on walks, try new things (especially anything outdoorsy), bug my friends, and cheer on my ad-host team during their intramural games.

KDAWG has been such a great place for me to spend my time at. The staff and club members are so kind and easy going. Plus, it’s awesome to have a place at school dedicated to music. Music has been so constant throughout my life - my dad is a pretty talented musician and singer, and I can’t remember a day that I haven’t heard the strumming of his guitar back home. He’s also a rodeo DJ with a traveling  mariachi group, so it’s cool that we both work in music now. I am not as talented as my dad but I like to sing (even if I don’t have the voice for it). I am, however, giving writing music a try. My taste in music is pretty diverse - whether it’s rap, alt-pop, instrumentals, orchestral, indie, mainstream, whatever - I just like to say that I listen to whatever sounds nice. My playlists make people ask, “What song is this?” and I think people liking your music is one of the best feelings. KDAWG is the place to go if you ever just want to talk about music and be accepted. See ya around!