Our News Director, Eric


Hey everyone, my name is Eric and I am a senior here at the University of Redlands and this is my first year being part of KDAWG. My roommate Ben and I have been talking about doing a show for years now and we are finally putting one together. Along with the show, I am beyond thankful to have been picked to be the News Director for KDAWG. If anyone wants to or is thinking about doing a news show, talk to me about it.

Besides being in KDAWG, I am double majoring in Political Science and History. I have been keeping myself very busy by applying to law schools this year. Sports is definitely a passion for me and you can probably find me cheering on my teams (more like dealing with them losing) most of the week. I love fun facts of pretty much anything so if you see me around please feel free to drop some knowledge on me. Or ask me for some, up to you. I am the serious part of seriously satirical; or am I?