Hello From Kat, the Creative Director!


What’s good, Bulldogs!? My name is Kat and I am the Creative Director for KDAWG Radio! I am a Studio Art student concentrating in Painting/Drawing, and a double major in Media & Visual Culture Studies (I am also managing a minor in Art History, phew!). It’s my pleasure to bring my background in arts and media to the KDAWG station! I am a Junior at the university (Class of 2019, heyo!), and a transfer student as well. I am from San Francisco, and the close-knit, comfortable environment of Redlands has me feeling right at home! Even if it is a hundred degrees hotter than I’m used to.

Other than KDAWG, I work on campus managing the Painting Studio in Ann Peppers Hall, and I work the Ann Peppers Gallery on Fridays and Sundays. I’m always trying to expand my musical surroundings, as my twin and older brothers are both music nerds, so I’m usually listening to a new band or buying tickets to a concert.

Joining KDAWG has really been the cherry on top of my Redlands experience! The station staff are so nice and friendly that it was no problem joining the ranks of a member of the radio. When I was a kid, I always correlated a university education with college radio, and it is my intention to make this year of KDAWG a rockin’ one! Go Bulldogs!