All About Phoebe Smith: KDAWG's Program Director


 Hello! My name is Phoebe, I’m a Junior, and I am very excited to say that I am KDAWG’s new Program Director this year! In case you don’t know what that title means I’ll give you the low down. Basically, I manage the DJ’s and deal with the station’s scheduling. I’d like to think that I’m good with technology. I am also majoring in Media and Visual Culture and minoring in Art at Redlands. This is only my second semester as a part of KDAWG, which makes me sad to think that I had three semesters before that missing out on so much! Before the spring semester of my Sophomore year, I was not very involved on campus. I then remembered about the radio station and thought it would be a perfect fit since media is a passion of mine. I filled out the application on the website, and a couple days later they were inviting me to a staff meeting! I was ecstatic to be a part of KDAWG! That first semester I did a couple behind the scenes operations: I assisted in filming and editing Inside the Studio, I posted some pictures on the station’s Instagram, and got to help produce an interview with 3oh!3! How cool, am I right?!! I knew I wanted to be a bigger part of the station though, which is why I applied for the Program Director position. And here we are today! 

   In my free time, you can find me being an entertainment fanatic. I don’t only keep up with the Kardashians, I also keep up with everything else going on in the industry! To be honest, I knew I wanted to go to school for media production because I have always been the biggest Ellen Degeneres fan, and vowed I would work for her one day…I’ll keep you all updated on how that dream works out. You can also find me cooking in my spare time. I mean trying new foods is always fun right? 

   KDAWG has truly been the highlight of my college years so far! I have learned so much about myself these last two semesters, and it is very inspiring. I have rediscovered my strong work ethic because of my desire to make the station the best it can be (suggestions on content are always welcome *wink wink*) I am so excited to see what our KDAWG team works up this year! Stay tuned!