KDAWG Wins Awards at IBS NYC 2015


On March 7th, KDAWG College Radio was honored at the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System’s 75th Annual IBS New York City Conference.  

Staff alongside a few speakers from the Inaugural KDAWG/IBS Radio & Music Industry Conference

KDAWG won Best West Coast Conference for its Inaugural “Radio & Music Industry Conference” held on November 15th, 2014. There were twelve panels, each featuring long time professionals. Some of those speakers spent thirty years in the business, like Trish Bell (KABL) and Bev St. Andrews (KCAA). Alongside those veterans were younger radio hosts who had the drive to rise quickly to the top, such as KDAWG’s own Mia "Mocha" Johnson (KDAWG) and Nicole Smith (KCAA). All of these women and Erin Brinker (KCAA) spoke on one of KDAWG’s first and most highly attended panels, The Role of Women in the Industry. This was one of the many inspiring panels at the conference that kept the students intently listening.

A diversity of interesting panels were offered including From Grassroots to Syndication, Thinking Outside the (Juke)Box, Radio Management Boot Camp, and Making the Call. A variety  of radio professionals sat on each panel so students could pick and choose not only the information that they heard, but who they heard it from and how they heard it. This made for a fantastic opportunity to learn from seasoned veterans and network with them after the sessions or at lunch. 

Artists Shane Henry and Maggie McClure perform at the lunch reception at the conference

During the lunch break, Shane Henry and Maggie McClure played a fantastic session to set the mood and emphasize what they had talked about on their panels. 

Although University of Redlands students knew the value of the conference, they were not the only ones to attend. Students traveled all the way from Laguna Beach, Pierce College, University of California Irvine, California State University, and University of California San Diego to hear the valuable wisdom that the speakers had to offer.

IBS Panelist Len Mailoux

Yet it was not only listening that the students did. During several of the panels, in particular Like @ First Site, students offered their wisdom to their temporary teachers. Though it was discussed throughout the conference, this panel in particular focused on utilizing social media to ensure that the students were interacting with their audience and presenting their desired image. What initially started out as a lecture, turned into a discussion as the speakers imparted their years of experience upon the students and the students taught them new ways to utilize social media. The event was a huge success and allowed new connections to be made, skills to be learned, and created footsteps to be followed in.

KDAWG Station Manager, Evan Sanford

KDAWG’s Station Manager, Evan Sanford, was  named Best Station Manager in the country. Sanford (’17) restarted KDAWG in his freshmen year along with a small group of other motivated students. Sanford has discussed the importance of the radio station as a tool for communication, especially in teaching students how to communicate effectively. He also sees the station as an avenue to expand communication and media curriculum at the university as well. “I don’t want to just stop at building a radio station, I don’t think we can survive as just a station,” said Sanford. “I think if we could create a department, we could serve more students and direct a lot more attention towards the university.”

Sanford is excited about the progress that he and his staff have already made in the year and a half since KDAWG’s resurrection. “KDAWG has completely made a comeback, that’s for sure,” he said. “Basically it’s come from one computer with three microphones to two full, state-of-the-art studios with a mobile broadcasting unit to live-stream concerts and other events as well as interview speakers that come to campus.