A Short & Sweet Message from Alessandra Trager!


Hey everyone! My name is Alessandra Trager and I'm a senior here at the University of Redlands. I am majoring in French and double minoring in Business Administration and Media and Visual Culture Studies.

Since my junior year, I've been involved in a couple different media outlooks around campus, but this is my first year as a part of KDAWG! I'm a film nut and can't wait to hopefully use my passion for film and media while a part of the group. I'm interested in getting involved in the tech and production side of things and learning how to bring a show together. I'm super excited to see what KDAWG has to offer this year! 

DJ Mad Dog Matt from Rockin' the Dog House!


Hello everybody! My name is Matthew Bynum, otherwise known as DJ Mad Dog Matt, here at KDAWG. I’m a senior here at the good old University of Redlands, majoring in Business Administration and have been part of the station since my freshman year. My favorite genre of music is classic rock, which probably explains why I host my very own rock and roll power hour here at KDAWG: Rockin’ the Dog House! Some of my favorite bands that I’ve put in show are Journey, Guns and Roses, Queen, The Eagles, Led Zeppelin, and my most favorite of all The Beatles.

When I’m not in the booth recording my show, I’m usually volunteering to play music for KDAWG at events around campus such as the involvement fair, believe walk, relay for life, and most recently the 2017 homecoming picnic.

I’m eternally grateful that KDAWG has given me such exciting and unique experiences as well as the opportunity to work with such an amazing group of people here at the University of Redlands

Jacob Timony: the Other 1/2 of KJ SportsMix


When I came into the first KDAWG radio meeting, I would have never thought that I would enjoy my involvement nearly as much as I do. Being a Business major and huge sports advocate, I found a niche broadcasting with Kenyon on KJ SportsMix. As a talkative and friendly individual I find it nothing short of natural, to sit and debate sports topics with one of my great friends here at the University of Redlands. 

Seemingly a massive Boston sports advocate, I feel as if I supply a small bias, and a crisp take on sports news around the bend. If you want to hear whats new in the sports world, or even some great tunes, KJ SportsMix has it all. 

As a standing senior, I will be out of here by April 2018, obtaining a bachelors of science and a degree in Business Administration. I currently work for the Ontario Reign Hockey Team, as well as the Los Angeles Kings, as an in-game salesmen. Post graduation is a world in which I look forward too, and frankly, one that can't come fast enough.  

Come tune in to the best show on KDAWG radio, KJ SportsMix, on Thursdays at 8pm and I promise you will not be disappointed. 

Kenyon Jordan: 1/2 of KJ SportsMix


Hey, my name is Kenyon. I'm a senior at the University of Redlands, majoring in Environmental Policy & Management. I am from the Bay Area, where the fog rolls in.

As it is my last year at of the UofR, I wanted to get more involved with the school. I am happy I joined KDAWG this year. I originally pursued KDAWG to help out wherever I could. Eventually, my friend and I decided to host our own radio segment to give listeners a fresh take on what’s happening around the sports world. We record an episode of our segment, KJ SportsMix, about once a week. At the end of the segment, we like to play some tunes. I am super into music and I'm currently learning how to play acoustic guitar. My favorite music genre is classic rock but alternative rock is a close second. KDAWG is a great place to hang around with some cool people and I'm glad I got to be a part of this community before I graduated.

It's Ben!


What’s up, everyone! My name’s Ben Galgano and I’m a senior here at Redlands. I’m an English major, and am just getting involved with KDAWG this year (Better late than never!) On campus, along with KDAWG, I’m involved in Big Buddies, Maroon & Grey, Sigma Tau Delta and I’m an Admissions Host (Catch me walking backwards around campus, I’m a pro!) I would describe the state of my life as organized chaos, just how I like it! Outside of school you’ll usually find me hanging in my backyard, making a smoothie, watching sports, playing intramurals, or maybe even at the gym if I’m really feeling myself.

This year I’ll be doing a talk show with my roomie Eric and have some other ideas in the works for a show and the blog, always stay scheming, right?

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for some killer content! Could I BE any more excited? No, no I could not be!

A Word from Zack Werb!


Hi everybody, my name is Zack Werb, I am a senior here at the University of Redlands. I major in Media and Visual Culture studies and I minor in History. I joined KDAWG radio in hopes to gain experience in broadcast media. As a student of film, I have had numerous experience with photography and film production. In addition to that, I love music and joining KDAWG radio is a great way for me to learn how to create and produce my own show, as well as learn about many different types of music.

For the past three years, I have been working as a staff photographer for the school newspaper, The Independent Bulldog, attending and documenting cultural and sporting events on or around campus. In my free time I love watching Netflix, especially The Office and Arrested Development.

As a senior I wanted to be more active around campus and joining KDAWG is a great way for me to work with the Bulldog community and to get involved with events around campus. I think we have a good group of people this year and I am excited to see what I can accomplish at KDAWG.

Meet One of Our New Members: Olivia!


Hello! My name is Olivia Craven and I'm a Sophomore majoring in Media and Visual Culture and (possibly) Sociology. I love listening to music (and zoning out to obscure dream pop songs) and learning something new via the Stuff You Should Know podcast. I'm also a film fanatic and I enjoy editing videos. Currently, my favorite movies are Get Out, The Lobster, Raw, Django Unchained, and The Incredibles (fingers crossed Incredibles 2 is good). I'm excited to join the KDAWG community this year and play around with the opportunities KDAWG offers.

Jonathon, a.k.a. June, Says Hello!


Hello! My name is Jonathon, but you can also call me June, and I am a Freshman at the U of R. I don’t quite know what I want to major in or really where I want to go from here, but I know that I want to make KDAWG a part of that journey. I was the station manager of my high school’s radio station so I am excited to see what I can do here! I hope to be able to create a show or two, one a scripted story piece and the other a standard radio show with music and talking.

Geez I really don’t know what else to say other than I am very excited to have the opportunity to work with KDAWG. I hope I can make these next four years especially memorable!

Megan Kennedy from Rock 'n Talk with Megan


Hey guys, my name is Megan Kennedy. I am a junior at the University of Redlands and am studying Communication Sciences and Disorders with the hopes of going to graduate school in San Diego and becoming an Audiologist. I grew up in the small town of Grass Valley in Northern California where I have some previous radio experience at KNCO Newstalk 830 as an intern. I worked with the news talk side of radio at KNCO and am here at KDAWG to expand my experience to music radio! I love many kinds of music, but my favorite genre is rock - I enjoy the massive energy it gives off! I cannot wait to see what these next couple of years will hold, both at the radio station and in life.

Marcus Garcia: Host of Groovy Radio


Whats Good y'all,

My name is Marcus Garcia A.K.A. ‘GROOVY’, I am a Johnston Senior from Fontana, Ca with an emphasis in ‘Social Activism and Civic Leadership for the Youth.’ I am the host for ‘GROOVY Radio’, a radio show that discusses racial dynamics and racial stories through people, places, and spaces in efforts to humanize race.

I joined KDAWG Radio this semester, Fall 2017, and I am also currently a DUDES Program intern (Dudes Understanding Diversity and Ending Stereotypes) housed in CDI (Campus Diversity and Inclusion). 

This year it is my goal to utilize KDAWG’s resources to display more stories about race in correlation to the leaders of color on this campus and also the communities that the university neighbors, the cities within The Inland Empire, in efforts to create more fruitful discussion and thought.

If you have any questions or comments feel encouraged to contact The Boy atMarcus_Garcia@redlands.edu or just hit me up if/when you see me around campus.

One Love.